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Texas Tobacco On Main

We offer a variety of tobacco products from cigars and roll your own tobacco, to electronic cigarettes.

We are a locally owned business. Located right on Main Street, in beautiful Historic Downtown Denison Texas.

We appreciate all of our friends and family that have kept us in business for several years.

60 ml Bottle for $19.99

​***Our Flavor of The Week***


Great gooey globs of gluey, gloppy gummy guts, mutilated melon meat, pulverized, and punched peach & pear!
With a sweet inhale of pure sugary goodness and notes of peach and pear, you will get a slight throat hit that will be noticeable, but gets smoother as you keep vaping it and leaves you craving for more. The magic starts to kick in and your cravings for sour gummy candy has finally been satisfied.

*Must Be 18 To Purchase*​


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March 2018

It’s big. It’s bold. And it’s box-pressed. Made by the Garcia family in Nicaragua, My Father’s The Judge Grand Robusto can be an imposing cigar, just by way of its girth. This is certainly a powerful smoke, but it isn’t just strong for the sake of being strong. There’s a purpose to its strength, and plenty of interesting flavor to justify the high-octane tobacco inside.

It starts with an Ecuadoran Sumatra-seed wrapper, two Nicaraguan binders (Corojo and Criollo) and filler from three of the Garcia family farms. 

If high volumes of heavy smoke are what you want, this cigar delivers, with satisfying notes of chocolate and gingersnap driven by an underlying red pepper spice and plenty of nutty character. It burns slow and cool, and while the blend doesn’t show much restraint, The Judge has an unforgettable beauty to its brashness.