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By Ashton, Blended by Arturuo Fuente, & Wrapped from Oliva's private estate. Fuente Jr. produced these using 4 to 5 year old aged Dominican tobacco taken from the finest and most fertile plants. The flavor of VSG comes from its wrapper grown on a private estate in Ecuador owned by the Oliva family where this proprietary wrapper leaf is grown for the Fuente Family exclusively for Ashton VSG.
Even though this is a long smoke, there is No chance of boredom here. The VSG Sorcerer is a robust & complex smoke. It is a real treat and is so good you will want to smoke one more often than just on the special occasions!


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​***Our Flavor of The Week***

DAMN GOOD COFFEE - 60ml Bottle

If you need a straight boost to start your day off right, there’s no better way than with some Damn Good Coffee e-juice! A piping-hot dark roast coffee, lightly sweetened with brown sugar, Bavarian cream, and a subtle hint of coconut is all you need to give your daily tasks a swift kick. Damn Good Coffee eliquid is robust in its name and flavor, so you can stick it to the man and say, “Heck yeah, I got this!”

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